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the sugar room

In the sugar room I constrained my role to the indiscriminate giving of sweetness and affection to all who entered. The dress itself was an extension of my body; it filled the room attaching to the baseboards along each wall. Everyone who came inside the room was forced to interact with my dress. The duties of the sugar room, while very exacting, were not unpleasant for me. It was something I chose to do, and I gave what I wanted to give. The audience participation was absolutely necessary to the realization of the piece.

As with most all my work, remaining non-verbal is essential. I want to transmit a reality that is not caged in spoken language. My silence opens a space for the viewer to be in.

June 18th - 21st, 2009
Nada Dada Motel, El Cortez Hotel, Reno, Nevada
Soundscapes by Verbalizer and Always Half Bread
Photography by Nightkind Productions / Rick Stoltz / Ricardo Olvera

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