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hypatia's blood

Hypatia’s Blood, was a tribute to the female philosopher and mathematician who studied and lived in ancient Greece. There are only three source texts remaining that refer to her life and death the reprinted translations are available online at cosmopolis. Christian monks who considered her power to be heretical, her very existence inciting jealousy and rage, killed Hypatia by skinning her alive in a church.

This performance reads differently than my others as it is a direct tribute to Hypatia and her unusual opportunity to be educated during a time when most women were illiterate and confined to the household. She was a woman whose brilliance commanded the respect of her male counterparts; she lectured and taught in the great library of Alexandria and lived to see it burn. Hypatia is part of my personal pantheon, a piece of the puzzle that completes a picture of the feminine divine. For me she is a saint and an hero. She is also a martyr by any definition of the word. She died because of what she was: a woman who dared to aspire to intellectual greatness, a woman unlike any other in her time.

November 10th, 2009
Amendment 21, Reno, Nevada
Live music by Robert Pelikan
Photography by Nightkind Productions

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