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death by sugar

During my performance death by sugar, I was handcuffed and chained to an installation in the shape of the sugar molecule. I allowed the public to feed me cookies for ninety minutes. I was giving up some of my personal power, allowing myself to be fed. At the same time a micro-camera hidden in my hair broadcast the image of people facing me through a live feed to a projection on a nearby wall. In doing so I was diminishing the privacy they had while expressing their momentary power. The feeders behaved in a variety of ways, savoring or worrying over their power, and reacting with surprise to my mute acceptance of the cookies. For many it was a sensual experience.

The indulgence performed in death by sugar is complicit as in the sugar room, but here referring more directly to taboo.

December 11th, 2009
Sierra Arts Gallery, Reno, Nevada
Soundscapes by Verbalizer
Photography by Ricardo Olvera

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