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unholy trinity - transformation

In transformation icons related to both sex and death are intermingled. This coupling of concepts catalyzes a destabilizing of unconscious symbolism connected to the concepts of sex and death. The Greek god of death, Thanatos, and of erotic love, Eros combine, becoming Thanateros. A concept first articulated by Peter Carroll.

can be seen as an act of alchemy, the result of which is the production of an unknown object, the Rorschach blot. These Rorschach blots ultimately quilt the bed, covering the site of transformation with images that are subject to interpretation at every instance, eternally evading a fixed definition. In this way the act of making them can be seen not only as a ritual in the mundane sense, but also as a ritual in the metaphysical sense, an evocation of dark feminine energies.

March 23rd, 2011
Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, Reno, Nevada
Soundscapes by Alexis Lopez and Andrea Juillerat - Olvera
Photography by Nightkind Productions
Video by Chad Sorg and Marie Dennis
Post-Ed by Ricardo Olvera

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